Our secret: the grape

Our product was born in La Mancha, the largest vineyard in Spain and the world (Appellation Mancha), but also in Valencia (Requena, in the denominations of origin Utiel-Requena and Valencia) and in Yecla, Murcia (DO Yecla and Alicante), where Bodegas Gallego Laporte is also present

Raw material quality

Get the excellence of our raw materials, our priority

Delicate harvest

We use the best methods to avoid damaging the grape

Long-term agreements

We own vineyards and have medium and long-term partnerships with about 250 farmers


Noble grapes varietals

Got the highest quality in both white and red grapes.


Noble grapes varietals

We also produce Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Svrah, Grenache shark, Macabeo, Chardonnay, Verdejo …


We care for the process from the beginning

An excellent wine requires maximum care over the whole process


Owned vineyards

A great advantage of our winery is having vineyards that guarantee our production

Variety of farm wineries

Each vineyard has its features to obtain a product of the highest quality


Local varieties
of red and white grapes:

The white and red varieties are ‘Vin de table’ generic base. They are called generic because they have a strong cultivation tradition and are deeply rooted in each area. Our grapes have an extraordinary quality, as Tempranillo, Bobal, Monastrell and Garnacha, among red varieties, or Airén, among whites. They are all part of our production.

The best noble grapes
for varietal wines:

With a knowledge and recognition in exporting markets, our varieties of international background such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah or Chardonnay deserve an increasing attention. Without forgetting our high- quality Spanish varieties, with a growing international recognition, such as Shark Grenache, Macabeo, Muscat or Verdejo.



Long-term agreements with more than 250 farmers

Bodegas Gallego Laporte World Wines has its own vineyards and has medium and long-term partnerships with 250 farmers: a total of 7,500 Hectares of which about 2,000 correspond to 50 large and medium farmers, and additional 2,000 are integrated in cooperatives with whom we maintain a very close relationship. The rest of our production comes from small farmers with whom we have supply contracts which sometimes are over 20 years old.