Our customers benefit from the latest technologies, and we grow with them

Cutting-edge winery

Along with wine traditions, our wineries integrate the latest technologies and highest quality controls, as a result of a sustained investment plan in the recent years.


On the field and at the laboratory

Our winemakers watch for the process of growing and ripening of the grapes on the field to determine the best harvest time for each grape variety. In turn, our three laboratories (one at each winery) enable us to carry out the complex analytical control of the various oenological parameters requested by our customers.


Certified quality

We are ISO 9001, and are currently in the process of implementing the IFS certification (International Food Standard).


Technological excellence of our clients

Quality Team

We have a quality team composed of three winemakers, two chemists, one pharmacist, two agricultural engineers, and several professionals with Business Administration and MBAbackground.


Premium partners

We have stable collaboration agreements with the Valencia’s Oenology Faculty, with three external laboratories, and several consultants in quality, organization, planning, information and financial control.

Continuous training

Bodegas Gallego Laporte World Wines has a training plan for each professional level. Each year, we allocate about 2,000 hours training within the company, and in collaboration with our partners.