Overseas trade is our natural vocation: we are present in four continents

Wine is an increasingly international, competitive, and demanding market. Our customers are major European, American and Asian wineries that bottle our wines, often

adapted to the palates of the respective countries. Or big bottling companies, that serve to renowned  international supermarkets and hypermarkets chains.


Zero Error, Accuracy and Precision

At our winery’s we follow a philosophy of ‘zero error’ accuracy in meeting the agreed contract oenological parameters, and a perfect logistics that allows our customers to meet their trade commitments on time.

mapa de los países a los que exporta la bodega

France: 31.51% of total sales

Central Europe: 31.69% of total sales

Russia: 21.26% of total sales

Germany: 10.21% of total sales

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Spain: 1.84% of total sales

Romania: 1.19% of total sales

Switzerland: 0.53% of total sales

Malta: 0.44% of total sales

Italy: 0.09% of total sales

Austria: 0.07% of total sales

Poland: 0.03% of total sales”

China Republic:

5 clients

0.95% of sales

Thousands of liters 267.43″


1 client

0.17% of sales

Thousands of liters 48.10

Morocco: (data 2013)

1 client

Thousands of liters 1506.67″

“Canada: (data 2013)

1 client

Thousands of liters 35.35″


Canada: (data 2013)

1 client

Thousands of liters 35.35″