About us

More than 50 years’ experience producing wine in La Mancha



Our privileged location allows us to work with the world’s best grapes varieties. Thanks to them, we develop a product that meets the highest quality standards. We are ISO 9001 certified, and comply with the legal requirements of the 15 countries where we export. Year after year we have surpassed the highest quality audits from our customers, and this is the basis of their loyalty.



We have 120 worldwide clients who have year after year renewed their confidence on our product and their commitment to us. Bodegas Gallego&Laporte seeks to offer a service full of details. We are convinced that is key for achieving the highest fidelity from our clients and fulfilling their requirements. We are proud to retain a high rate of satisfied customers.


Our great team has three winemakers, two chemists, one pharmacist, two agricultural engineers and a group of professionals with postgraduate business school education. We believe that know-how gives us a real competitive advantage, in addition to the five independent laboratories that provide us with key external vision to achieve the highest quality standards.



We focus on a continuous investment plan that allows us to use the latest winemaking techniques and treatments to produce the most cutting-edge and innovative wines. Thanks to them, we are flexible in adapting wines to each client’s tastes and uniqueness, and to their different markets.



We are a family business winery born in La Mancha, which has grown looking for quality and service to our customers, 95 percent of which are major wineries and international bottlers.




  • Exports in 2012 77%
  • Exports in 2013 84%
  • Exports in 2014 98%